Year 9 Battle of the Bands

Our Year 9 students took part in a Battle of the Bands competition yesterday. Students composed their own songs and learned to perform them. The winning group was Green Glow with Red Fire in second and Cabasa in third. All groups did really well and students enjoyed the event. A big thank you to the judges Mr. Howard, Mrs. Christensen and Mrs. Cannon and also Mrs. Barrett for taking beautiful photographs.


British Science Week at DBGS Secondary

Year 7 and 8 had a lovely day exploring the wonders of science.  Our other students visited during the day and the year 7’s presented their research questions to them.  Year 8’s were stretched to the limits of their scientific understanding making the tallest tower, devising a plane that can glide the furthest and then making an egg Mars lander that was dropped from a height and had to remain intact. We thank our science teachers for their supportive guidance of the students and the DBGS staff, students and parents who came to enjoy the day with us.