Year 7CR – All About Me

Year 7CR have created posters of themselves for an ‘All About Me’ project. Their teacher, Mrs Rutten, plans to help the students display the posters around the Senior School, as a way of introducing the new Year 7s to their fellow Senior School students. Each poster features lots of interesting facts about each student.


Welcome to 2016/17

It’s one of the many great times of the academic year, when the school community begins to reconvene from summer destinations. As DBGS is made up of around sixty nationalities, the experiences that we bring back to school become an important part of our culture. It is precisely this culture that is the basis of our success; it couldn’t be valued more highly.

To new families and teachers, we extend the warmest of welcomes. We would love for you to contribute and further enrich our school with your experience and personality. There will be opportunities to engage in school life on so many levels: through scheduled events as well as day to day activities and interactions. Whatever you bring will be valued.

For those of us who already have the great good fortune to be part of DBSG and ISG, we know that what we have achieved previously will go toward creating an exciting future. The mixture of the old and the new, in the spirit of internationalism, is a compelling mix that brings about excellent teaching and learning.

Welcome to the academic year, 2016/17.

First day for colleagues: Tuesday, 16th August
First day for students: Monday, 22nd August

Eddie Liptrot
Dhahran British Grammar School

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Congratulations on an excellent year

Dear Parents

As the academic year comes to a close I would like to say thank you to all of our families for the excellent support that you have offered us over the past months. If you get time over the summer holiday, it might be worthwhile looking at our social media pages and blog. Here, through words and images, you can savour some of the great events and small victories that have made up the year.

We at DBGS will do the same and, on our return to school in August, together we will take a purposeful look what went well this year and what we can do to make next year even better. Thank you to all of our families for the support that you have given us in our work to create the kind of school that inspires people and brings the best from all of our students.

For teachers and students who are leaving us, please carry with you the best wishes of the DBGS family. Your contribution to our school will remain in the memories of the people who shared your time here. It’s easy to keep in touch these days and we always like to know of the progress of our former students and families. Likewise, please do follow our efforts as we all head into the future.

Have a lovely summer.

Eddie Liptrot
Dhahran British Grammar School