Cover Competition

Year 8 students took part in a Cover Competition on Wednesday 21st March. Students chose their own songs and learned to perform them. The winning group was 8 HPOA Green with the 8 HPOA Blue in second and 8 CRMC Blue in third. All groups did a fantastic job and students enjoyed the event. A big thank you to the judges Mr. Howard, Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Cannon and also Mrs. Barrett.


The DBGS U11 BSME team competed in Dubai from March 8th-10th. Starting with athletics, they pitted themselves against eleven other schools in the Middle East in football, netball, swimming and basketball.
A strong opening day saw Shindara Afolabi win the girl’s 150m sprint and Advaith Mahesh win gold in the boy’s long jump.
The team didn’t drop out of the top six placings on the second day of events and that was the position they eventually finished the tournament in.
With a third of them able to compete in next year’s event, they will be working hard to close the gap on the top three.

BSME Music Festival

Students had a wonderful time at the BSME Music Festival in Kuwait this weekend. They had two days of rehearsals, fun activities, and music making before putting on a final concert on Sunday. Our students took part in the String Ensemble, Junior Choir, Senior Choir, Concert Band and Brass Ensemble. There was also a massed group performance of Rocket Man to end the concert. Thank you to the students for being excellent and making us proud. Thank you also to the parents that came to Kuwait to support us.


A wonderful weekend at the ISTA festival in Bahrain

The recent International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) trip to Bahrain, was a fantastic success. ISTA brings students together from many diverse backgrounds and countries, to create, devise and perform. This year’s chosen theme was the history of Bahrain’s pearl fishing and the students gave a wonderful performance on their final day. The ISTA trip was run by Jerry Flynn (Head of Drama at DBGS) as a combined trip with DBGS and DEMS, and its success promises more excellent trips in the future.

Year 9 Battle of the Bands

Our Year 9 students took part in a Battle of the Bands competition yesterday. Students composed their own songs and learned to perform them. The winning group was Green Glow with Red Fire in second and Cabasa in third. All groups did really well and students enjoyed the event. A big thank you to the judges Mr. Howard, Mrs. Christensen and Mrs. Cannon and also Mrs. Barrett for taking beautiful photographs.

British Science Week at DBGS Secondary

Year 7 and 8 had a lovely day exploring the wonders of science.  Our other students visited during the day and the year 7’s presented their research questions to them.  Year 8’s were stretched to the limits of their scientific understanding making the tallest tower, devising a plane that can glide the furthest and then making an egg Mars lander that was dropped from a height and had to remain intact. We thank our science teachers for their supportive guidance of the students and the DBGS staff, students and parents who came to enjoy the day with us.