Meet Professional coach Doug Welling

DBGS was delighted to welcome Doug Welling, a professional coach with a broad background in various endurance sports including rowing, swimming, cycling and running.

Doug Welling’s professional experience spans over a period of fifteen years. After attending Bates College in Maine where he completed a Bachelor’s degree in Science, and the University of Otago in New Zealand, Doug coached rowing at Middlebury College, the University of California and Bowdoin College. He holds coaching certificates in rowing, cycling and triathlon.

Sharing some thoughts about his successful experience as a professional coach, Doug highlights how meeting and working with people as well as being passionate about healthy lifestyle and performance have been important components of his own experience. He additionally notes how he has learned through seeing and observing the pursuit of sports in different cultures, and how different people undertake this pursuit.

Speaking about his experience as a coach, Doug underlines the significance of ‘becoming a student of your subject’ or area of interest. This involves researching, taking classes, pursuing more information and ‘putting it in action personally’. He advises us to stay healthy and learn about ourselves! We wish Doug the best in his career as a professional coach.


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