FS2 Blue Visit to Mrs Maghraby’s Class

FS2 Blue class was invited to visit Mrs. Heba Maghraby’s Biology and Chemistry class in DHS as well as the BIG kids’ science building. This allowed children to discuss the meanings of Biology and Chemistry, and to explore the various parts of our bodies with Mrs. Maghraby’s students besides learning about the human skeleton, organs and how they fit in our bodies. The visit additionally allowed the class to observe different human skulls, and how they have changed throughout time. The children even got to see fossils of a sea horse, a starfish and a grasshopper!
FS2 children also had the opportunity to consider how to keep their bodies healthy, what to eat and how to keep their bodies clean. They looked at parasite cells under the microscope, and learned the importance of washing fruits and vegetables very well before eating them.
The children got to wear special goggles as they learned about chemical reactions. They made elephant toothpaste and, when they touched and smelled it, realized it was foamy rather than pasty, and smelled soapy instead of minty! Their hands turned orange for about a minute and back to their normal skin colour. What a cool scientific experiment!
We would like to thank Mostafa’s Mum, Mrs. Heba Maghraby and her students Laial, Aaron and Hassan. We can’t wait to be invited again! : )



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