World Book Day at DBG

The primary school celebrated Book Day on Monday 6th March this year. Kicking off the day was the KS1 English competition, run by Mr Twit (who reminded us suspiciously of Mr Clarke). The spelling contest and anagram challenge was received with great enthusiasm by our younger learners and certainly brought out their competitive streak! They especially enjoyed a comical appearance from Mrs Twit (who resembled a grubbier and grumpier version of Mrs Clarke) – we can see why these two characters are married! At 9.30 the whole school came together to parade around the campus in their fantastic book inspired costumes and later on, classes rotated around the school, visiting three different teachers and classrooms to engage in a variety of book related activities. KS2 finished the day with their English competition, which involved another appearance from Mr and Mrs Twit and great fun had by all. The Foundation Stage and KS1 completed their day of celebrations with a book themed picnic and stories brought in by the children. Another great day celebrating the wonderful world of books!


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