MUN 2018

The Dhahran Model United Nations (DHAMUN) was a two-day event held on our campus. They talked about defining borders of several nations in a variety of forums. Students from DBGS, debated, discussed and came up with resolutions for the global issues that are going on today. They were able to meet new students and create new friendships.

A DBGS student describes his personal experience as this: “The topic defining borders is a hard one to discuss as no matter what you do, all sides of the border always want more, challenge was to find a way to satisfy all sides of the border and come up with a solution that promotes peace and ensures the safety of the civilians. Our house of 20+ delegates the GA3 (General Assembly 3) managed to pass two resolutions to help define borders and to protect the people within the Kashmiri region.”

Students also got the chance to listen to the speeches of the United States Consul General in Dhahran and the ISG Assistant Superintendent for Learning. It wasn’t all politics all day either; each forum had a gossip box where they got a chance to have a good laugh. Overall it can be said that all DBGS students who participated had an amazing experience at the Dhahran Model of the United Nations. Abdul Lawal summed it up:

“I enjoyed this intellectual, interracial, multi-school event and I wish that other students do too.”


Rainbow Class Assembly

Rainbow class took their parents, teachers and school friends on a journey through the sea, with amazing shark facts and shark songs. The story of Shark in the Park based on the book by Nick Sharratt featured a crow, a cat,

and a shark all viewed through Timothy Pope’s telescope. It was a pleasure to see the children so happy and excited to share their learning with everyone.