Pi Day

With the help of Year 9, the Seniors maths department ran maths activities for Years 1 to 7. It was a great time for all the children to work on solving maths problems in a fun and interactive environment. The children rotated to try out different activities, and there were around 50 puzzles to try. Another fun day packed with learning through play!

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KS2 incredible Instrument Invention

KS2 children took part in a house competition in which they invented their very own incredibly creative musical instruments. To the question ‘can you invent a new musical instrument?’ , they answered yes and their invented musical sounds proved incredibly original and innovative. The finalists presented their instruments in front of their friends and a jury to win house points. In addition to briefly presenting their original creations, the finalists also got to play them. Well done to all the finalists and congratulations to the blue team!

U16 SAIKAC Girls Basketball Champions

The U16 SAIKAC girls basketball team won last weekend’s competition and are the current U16 Girls Basketball champions. Congratulations to the team for such outstanding results and thanks to their amazing coaches Geurten, Clements, Thompson, Sheridan, Crane, Lockwood, Clark and Young.